Valerie TV show - Valerie television series

ValerieNetwork: NBC, CBS
Episodes: 110 (half-hour)
Seasons: Six

TV show dates: March 1, 1986 — July 20, 1991
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Valerie Harper, Sandy Duncan, Jason Bateman, Danny Ponce, Jeremy Licht, Josh Taylor, Christine Ebersole, Judith Kahan, Edie McClurg, Tom Hodges, Steve Witting, Angela Lee, Josie Bissett, and John Hillerman.

valerie (the hogan family) past TV show

TV show description:
Valerie Hogan (Valerie Harper) works part-time outside of the home and full-time in it.

She raises her three sons alone most of the time while her pilot husband Michael (Josh Taylor) is frequently away from home. Oldest son David (Jason Bateman), a typical teenager, wants a girlfriend and his freedom. Fraternal twins Mark (Jeremy Licht) and Willie (Luis Daniel Ponce) only seem to want what the other twin does not. Mark wants good grades and Willie would rather just have fun.

Always there to help Valerie is her ever-chipper neighbor and friend, Patty (Edie McClurg), the wife of Peter Poole (Today show weatherman Willard Scott).

In season three, Valerie passes away in a car accident and Michael’s divorced sister, Sandy (Sandy Duncan), moves in to help look after her brother and nephews. In reality, actress Harper left the show and it was then renamed The Hogan Family.

Sandy takes a job as a counselor at the Hogan boys’ high school, but finds her full-time job of raising three teenage boys more challenging than she imagined. David’s friends Rich (Tom Hodges) and Burt (Steve Witting) also keep things lively at the Hogan house.

And while Sandy helps to guide the Hogan boys in life and love, they in return teach her a thing or two about herself.