Tyler Perry's House of Payne

Tyler Perry's House of Payne TV show on BET and TBS: canceled or renewed?Network: TBS, BET
Episodes: Ongoing (half-hour)
Seasons: Ongoing

TV show dates: June 21, 2006 — August 10, 2012, September 2, 2020 — present
Series status: Cancelled/ended, revived

Performers include: LaVan Davis, Lance Gross, Cassi Davis, Allen Payne, Larramie “Doc” Shaw, China Anne McClain, Demetria McKinney, Denyce Lawton, Bobbi Baker, Palmer Williams Jr., Cedric Pendleton, Denise Burse, Bart Hansard, Joyce Giraud, Jason Dirden, Susie Castillo, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Robinne Lee, J.R. Ramirez, Marlene Forte, and Gary Owen.

TV show description:
Created and produced by Tyler Perry, this sitcom revolves around a multi-generational family that lives together in one Atlanta home.

Curtis “Pops” Payne (LaVan Davis) is the family patriarch and the chief of the local fire department. He looks forward to spending quiet nights with his wife, Ella. That rarely happens though because Pops’ adult son still lives with them and his nephew’s family also moves in.

Ella (Cassi Davis), Curtis’ wife, is devoted to her church and, though she lives in a home dominated by the Payne men, is queen of the palace. She’s a nurturer, whether it’s helping stray members of her family or taking care of her college-aged son, Calvin (Lance Gross). Calvin always seems to have some type of hustle, and much of it seems to be geared around getting as much as he can for free at his parents’ house. Because of the constant changes to his college class schedule, his parents aren’t sure if wise-cracking Calvin is still even attending classes.

Curtis’ nephew, CJ Payne (Allen Payne), is a father of two who is forced to move in with his aunt and uncle after his wife burns down their home while using drugs. After his own father’s death, it was his uncle that raised him but it’s hard for CJ to totally accept Curtis’ guidance. Of course, it doesn’t help that his Uncle Curtis is also his boss down at the fire station. CJ’s ex, Janine (Demetria McKinney), beats her addictions and moves into the house with her ex and their kids, Jazmine (China Anne McClain), Malik (Larramie “Doc” Shaw), and twins Hayden and Jayden.

Miranda Lucas (Keshia Knight Pulliam) is a sexy con-artist who initially steals from Calin and Curtis. Calvin and she later start dating and eventually get married.

The local barbershop is filled with as interesting personalities as the Payne household. Floyd Jackson (Palmer Williams, Jr) is the self-absorbed owner of the Barber Shop. Kiki (Bobbi Baker) is a straight-forward barber and Dana Carter (Denyce Lawton) does nails. Another barber, Delante (Jason Dirden), eventually moves away and is replaced by Zack (Gary Owen), a white guy who sometimes feels out of place.

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