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Training Day TV show on CBS: canceled or renewed?Network: CBS  
Episodes: 13 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: February 2, 2017 — May 20, 2017
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Bill Paxton, Justin Cornwell, Katrina Law, Drew Van Acker, Lex Scott Davis, Julie Benz, Christina Vidal, and Marianne Jean-Baptiste.

TV show description:      
This crime thriller series is based on the feature film of the same name and picks up some 15 years later.

Detective Frank Rourke (Bill Paxon) is the maverick head of the Special Investigation Section (SIS) that hunts the city’s most dangerous criminals. He’s also one of the finest investigators the department has ever produced.

However, when the LAPD brass notices Rourke’s penchant for operating in a gray area to fight the war on crime, they assign Kyle Craig (Justin Cornwell), a heroic and untarnished cop, to pose as Frank’s trainee to spy on him and report on his off-book methods.

The members of Frank’s loyal team include Rebecca Lee (Katrina Law), a formidable officer with killer aim and a dark past, and Tommy Campbell (Drew Van Acker), a former pro surfer who follows Frank’s orders without hesitation.

The team’s cases find Frank and Kyle often crossing paths with Detective Valeria Chavez (Christina Vidal), one of the LAPD’s top investigators. Providing Frank with intel is his girlfriend, Holly Butler (Julie Benz) — a well-connected, unapologetic Hollywood madam.

While LAPD Deputy Chief Joy Lockhart (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) coolly puts Kyle in danger in her mission to take down Frank, Kyle’s schoolteacher wife, Alyse (Lex Scott Davis), worries her husband’s resolve to avenge the murder of his cop father may be his undoing.

As Frank starts teaching his principled trainee the way of the streets — where the ends often justify the means — they form an uneasy alliance that will change the course of both their lives irrevocably.

Series Finale:     
Episode #13 — Elegy, Part 2
Kyle, Tommy and Rebecca must rescue Frank when he goes on a rogue mission to Mexico to locate intel linked to the murder of Kyle’s father.
First aired: May 20, 2017.

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