The Redd Foxx Show TV show

The Redd Foxx ShowNetwork: ABC
Episodes: 13 (half-hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: January 18, 1986 — April 19, 1986
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Redd Foxx, Barry Van Dyke, Pamela Segall, Sinbad, Theodore Wilson, Beverly Todd, Rosanna DeSoto, Diana Olmos, and Nathaniel Taylor.

the redd foxx show past TV show

TV show description:
Al Hughes (Redd Foxx) and his wife Grace were foster parents to 25 children over the years. But after Grace passed away, the curmudgeon swore off taking in any more children, especially girls. When his social worker comes for a visit, she pleads with Al to take in Toni (Pamela Segall). Al is insistent but when the social worker says he’s Toni’s last hope, he softens and agrees to take “him” in. Tomboy Toni comes to live with Al, keeps her female gender a secret, and helps him at his newsstand/diner.

Diana Olmos (Rosanna De Soto), a waitress who helps keep Al on the straight and narrow, learns Toni’s keeping the secret to keep her new home. Al changes his mind and sends her away but feels guilty and Toni returns to stay, even after Al finds out that she’s a girl. Helping Al to raise a teenage girl are Diana, friend Jim-Jam (Nathaniel Taylor, then Teddy Wilson), and local cop Dwiight Stryker (Barry Van Dyke).

Though sometimes things get a little out of control at the diner, there’s always harmony from a group of musical movers called the Mulberry St. Du-Wop Moving Company (Ron Jaxon, Phil Perry, Theo Forsett, and Oren Waters).

Later in the series, Diana departs and Toni heads off to boarding school. Al’s troubles aren’t over though as he takes in a new foster child, Byron Lightfoot (Sinbad), and Al’s nasty ex-wife, Felicia Clemmons-Hughes (Beverly Todd), arrives and demands half the business in lieu of back alimony.