One Day at a Time TV show

One Day at a TimeNetwork: CBS
Episodes: 209 (half hour)
Seasons: Nine

TV show dates: December 16, 1975 — May 28, 1984
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Bonnie Franklin, Valerie Bertinelli, MacKenzie Philips, Pat Harrington,Jr., Glen Scarpelli, Richard Masur, Boyd Gaines, Shelley Fabares, Nanette Fabray, Howard Hesseman, Mary-Louise Wilson, and Michael Lembeck.

one day at a time past TV show

TV show description:
Ann Romano (Bonnie Franklin) wants a fresh start at life. After her divorce from husband Ed Cooper (Joseph Campanella), she packs up her car and moves to Logansport, Indiana with her two daughters; 17-year-old Julie (Mackenzie Phillips) and 15-year-old Barbara (Valerie Bertinelli).

Once there, Ann scores a job as an account executive for the advertising firm of Conners & Davenport, working for Mr. Conners (John Hillerman) and Mr. Davenport (Charles Siebert). And she even eventually finds love for a second time with lawyer David Kane (Richard Masur). The pieces seem to be falling into place.

But raising two teenage daughters on her own while working full-time is harder than Ann expected, especially when her eldest daughter is such a handful. Julie is much more immature than younger sister, Barbara. Helping to keep the peace is the superintendent of Ann’s building, Dwayne Schneider (Pat Harrington), and neighbor Ginny Wrobliki (Mary Louise Wilson). Schneider and Ginny often step in to lend a helping hand and an ear for Ann and her girls.

Later in the series, Ann leaves her job and starts a freelance business with Nick Handris (Ron Rifkin). They start a relationship that ends when Nick is killed by a drunk driver. Ann steps in to raise his son, Alex (Glenn Scarpelli). A year later, Ann goes into business with nemesis Francine Webster (Shelley Fabares) from her old company.

This long-running series is billed as a sitcom, but it often takes on serious issues of the times. Episodes deal with issues like suicide, birth control, pre-marital sex, infidelity, and sexual harassment.