Committed - canceled + renewed TV shows

 Committed Network: NBC
Episodes: 13 (half-hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: January 4, 2005 — March 15, 2005
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Josh Cooke, Jennifer Finnigan, Darius McCrary, Tammy Lynn Michaels, Tom Poston, RonReaco Lee, and Lauren Stamile.

committed past TV show

TV show description:
Brilliant yet neurotic Nate Solomon (Josh Cooke) is full of phobias until he meets the eccentric and eternally upbeat Marni Fliss (Jennifer Finnigan).

The fearful Nate and fearless Marni awkwardly begin their relationship and overcome a number of obstacles — including the “dying clown” (Tom Poston) who came included with Marni’s apartment and lives in her closet.

Nate’s vintage record store coworker Bowie (Darius McCrary), offers forceful advice to him ,while Marni’s sardonic nanny neighbor Tess (Tammy Lynn Michaels) is closer to the edge than she is.

Series Finale:     
Episode 13 — The Perfect Person Episode, part two
In the previous episode, Nate seems to have a lot in common with Todd’s new friend Natalie (guest Lauren Stamile). Marni wants Nate to spend time with Natalie so that she can be sure that Nate really wants to be with her. Todd (guest RonReaco Lee) decides to break up Nate and Marni by getting Nate drunk and putting him in bed with Natalie.

Nate wakes up in Natalie’s bed and, thanks to Bowie’s advice, quickly gets out of there. He later jeopardizes his relationship with Marni by telling her everything he can remember, including where he woke up. She accepts it.

Later, Bowie explains his new crazy plans to promote his CD. He’s had info printed on paper cups for the upcoming marathon. Young neighbor Zach (guest Evan Sabara) thanks Tess for not telling his parents about his adult magazines and says that his school bus friend Mike suggested that he take adult pictures of her. When she goes on the bus to confront the kid, it turns out to be the bus driver, which is a bit of a turn-on for her.

Nate goes back to Natilie’s apartment to get clarification on exactly what did happen between them so that he can be sure he was upfront with Marni. Natalie tells him that nothing happened because he was too drunk when Todd dropped him off. It’s all making sense to him now. Natalie impulsively kisses Nate and he feels guilty all over again. Nate goes back to Marni and is happy to tell her that he’s sure of what happened last night and lets it slip that Natalie kissed him.

Marni decides she needs to kiss a guy so that they’re “even.” She goes searching for someone to kiss and runs into Todd. Nate’s angry that she would consider kissing Todd after what he did. He says that he’s sick of her crazy behavior and leaves. She can’t believe that Nate broke up with her. After talking to Tess and Clown, she realizes that Nate’s “the one” and goes after him. She gets stuck in the middle of the marathon and then ends up rerouting it.

At the store, Marni tells him how she feels and Nate’s confused. He says that he didn’t break up with her, he’s just sick of that behavior. “It’s just the fact that I plan on staying with you that makes it so aggravating.” They make up and kiss several times.

The series ends with the two lovebirds walking down the street, hand in hand, while dozens of confused runners wander around. Bowie tries to hand out cups of lemonade.
First aired: March 15, 2005.


What happened next?   
There hasn’t been any news of plans to revive the show.