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Andi Mack TV show on Disney Channel: canceled or renewed?

(Disney Channel)

Network: Disney Channel.
Episodes: 57 (half-hour).
Seasons: Three.

TV show dates: April 7, 2017 — July 26, 2019.
Series status: Ended.

Performers include: Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Lilan Bowden, Lauren Tom, Joshua Rush, Sofia Wylie, Asher Angel, Stoney Westmoreland, Emily Skinner, and Trent Garrett.

TV show description:
A live-action comedy from creator Terri Minsky, the Andi Mack TV show is a coming-of-age story centered on Andi Mack (Lee). The night before her 13th birthday, Andi finds out that Bex (Bowden) is not her big sister, but is actually her mother.

As if this stage of life weren’t already replete with upheaval, Andi feels adrift and sets out to figure out who she really is. Thankfully, her good friends Cyrus (Rush) and Buffy (Wylie) have her back and are also trying to figure out how and where they fit into this crazy world.

Accustomed to acting as her parents, Andi’s grandparents Celia (Tom) and Ham (Westmoreland) still feel overprotective of her, even though Bex is home and ready to be a mother. Bex, for her part, is pretty good about nudging Andi to try new things. When Andi meets her father Bowie (Garrett), she has to figure out where he fits in her real life, rather than her fairytale image of family.

To complicate everything, Andy has quite a crush on Jonah Beck (Angel). Whether he likes her or not is sort of hard to figure out, so Andi spends a lot of time in the “Andi Shack,” — her own little hideaway in her backyard.

Series Finale:
Episode #57 — We Were Here
When Celia leaves town, Andi and Bex throw another party; Buffy and Cyrus share relationship woes; Andi shares a secret.
First aired: July 26, 2019.

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